Tales to Chill the Bone Series

Volume 1
- Makeup Massacre
A new film is in the works as the makeup artists next extra to do zombie makeup too is their ex, and things get out of hand.
- Luke the Freak
Luke just wants to be a performer in a circus but his dad abuses him and Luke finally cracks and has had enough.
- The Dark One
Two friends summon the Dark Pumpkin Lord and he isn't happy.
- Wake Up (Anew)
Twisted and weird super short thoughts coming from weird minds making this film make you feel uncomfortable.
- Baby Oliver
Two men and their newborn child but the baby won't stop crying and one dad can't stand it any longer.
Volume 2
- Diamonds and Hearts
Two Clowns kidnap kids  and eat them alive.
- Sandman
A young boy has a nightmare from the Evil Sandman but is it real or not?
- Room 13
What would it be like to be an alien from another planet that feeds on fetuses and gasoline?
- Party On!
Happy Birthday to you! A friends birthday party goes wrong when he brings up a tale from the past.
- Eyes
The everyday life of a woman from the view of her eye and on her eye ends in a tragic fate for the young girl.
Volume 3
Coming Soon
- Present From Hell
Girls exchange gifts on X-Mas while performing a demonic ritual but a present comes from nowhere and the girls open it for a real evil treat.
- Spirit of Christmas
A dead mother comes back
to life to get revenge
on her killer with some help.
- Snowman
A drunk destroys snowmen and Christmas decor. He isn't ready for the night ahead of him.
- Eggnog
Two nerds finally take care of their bully in a deadly way.
- Dr. Noel
Dr. Noel is working on his next Christmas experiment but this toy isn't fond of singing and handles Dr. Noel with the help of the other toys.


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