Festival Screened Films

5 boys go camping in the woods and tell tells of terror. Can the boys handle, werewolves, balloons, and a VHS worker? Find out in MMH Productions first feature film.

A young girl loves watching horror films, one night she get's pulled into the TV by Joseph the Jester and has to escape her worst nightmares or the movies she's watched.

3 girls attack a freak for having more candy than them during the 4th of July parade, but little do they know that the freak is planning her revenge by killing them with candy.

A babysitter and two kids are visited by Krampus and his terror toys. The kids try to fight back against, Trains, Dolls, Nutcrackers, Robots, Christmas Trees, bears, lights, elves, deer's, Clowns, and Krampus himself. Can the kids defeat all the evil toys or will they be sent to Krampus forever?

Ripley's boyfriend Ralph was hit and run by Sean and Raven. Sean and Raven get off the hook with a slight charge of community service due to Sean being a cop and knowing the Judge well. Ripley want's revenge for what they did as she stalks Sean going on a jog one night and follows him home to then make the couple pay for their crimes.

Ripley is back and is badder then ever. The traps are more deadly and Ripley is more mad then ever and can't wait to torture more people and get final payback on the undercover cop Danielle who helped Shawn and Raven get out of jail without charge of murder of her boyfriend Ralph.

A boy gets bitten by a cricket, and soon turns into one slowly but painfully. 

An evil bunny is killing innocent college kids on Easter. But who could be the bunny? Or is it one of the friends killing the others?

This Bloody Splatter fest will make you look away on the final kill and you will see what happens when leave someone tied up while having sexual fun while a killer bunny is loose.

5 Kids go trick or treating on Halloween Night and hear scary stories from people in the neighborhood. 

Short Stories about Vampires, Puppets, Demons. The Boogeyman and Zombies!

Stories by Matthew Mark Hunter and C.L. Williams

4 Friends tell Stories from Edgar Allan Poe but each story has a twist to it. 

Matthew Mark Hunter will put a twist on, "The Raven", "The Tell-Tale Heart", "The Black Cat", and "Berenice".

Lexi writes a letter to Santa to handle her sister after she rips up her old one. Santa hands the letter off to Krampus where hell will awake for this these kids in this Christmas horror short.

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